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At Hub Blogging, we aim to facilitate evolving writers at beginner, intermediate, and professional levels through our Write for Us program. So, if you are an upstanding writer who possesses extraordinary writing skills and an engaging tone, you are more than welcome to write informative guest posts for our platform. We look forward to collaborating with innovative and dedicated writers. 

About Our Write For Us Program  

How often do you come up with unique and brilliant writing ideas all of a sudden? Don’t you think everyone deserves the right to share such ideas with others through writing informative blogs instead of letting them drain down the sink?  

This is why we have introduced our Write For Us program to entertain upcoming writers. Although we are open to accepting the latest ideas and writing concepts, it would be best to consider the below-mentioned writing guidelines for a better writing experience.  

You should note that creativity is the key to writing an engaging guest post. Keeping that in mind, it would help to keep your writing proposal as creative and innovative as possible. With the intention to make this task less complicated for you, we have mentioned some general writing guidelines below.  

Write for Us Guest Post Recommended Guidelines

Write for Us Guest PostYou might be just a few steps away from getting your article published at Hub Blogging. Just remember to follow the writing guidelines as listed below strictly.  

  • It would be sound to keep the length of your blog post above the 700 words.  
  • If you decide to survey results or statistics in your article, you must use hyperlinking to prove the authenticity of your claim.  
  • It should be noted that plagiarism checkers can quickly detect plagiarized content. Copied or plagiarized content would be rejected instantly. So, avoid using paraphrasing tools or artificial intelligence software for generating content.  
  • Inaccurate statistics or facts would also be considered unauthentic and rejected instantly.  
  • Introducing inhibited links from adult, gambling, or out-of-context niches will also be rejected immediately.  
  • Guest posts and press releases based on unnecessary topics will be left unattended and not approved or published. 

Guest Posting Essentials  

Hub Blogging feels pleasure in sharing the secrets of successful blogging with our audience and writers. Therefore, we have described a few recommendations and tips for composing an upstanding article that we might consider publishing on our platform.  

  • If you feel that you have a substantial amount of knowledge and experience in content writing, then you may serve as a reliable candidate for composing worth-reading and longer write-ups.  
  • You should know that working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial as it can play a significant role in ranking up your blog posts above the others.  
  • Effective and engaging utilization of focus and secondary keywords should be your top priority while composing a decent guest post.  
  • No doubt, the first impression is usually the last one, particularly in content writing. So, keeping that in mind, make sure to keep the first paragraph of your article as engaging as possible. This strategy will play a considerable role in retaining the attention of your content’s reader to the maximum level.  
  • The significance of conducting thorough research before composing your content cannot be denied. This approach helps the audience to comprehend your intended ideas and messages clearly. 

About Contacting Us 

Once you send an article to our editorial team, it might take a week for our team to check and validate your proposal due to the substantial number of requests each day. However, you will soon hear back from our time regarding your proposed content.  

For further details, contact us at seorankbest1@gmail.com or consult the following pages on our website.  

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