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At Hub Blogging, we leave no stone unturned to maintain top-rank standards while addressing our readers’ privacy concerns. The sole purpose of gathering website data and other relevant information is to enhance the user experience on our platform. This is why we have described everything regarding our website’s Privacy Policy on this page.  

Hub Blogging Privacy Policy

Introduction to Our Privacy Policy 

The data we collect is entirely based on our users’ provided information concerning their activity patterns on our blogging platform. You should note that we gather this information to enhance the online experience of users on our platform. By this, we mean displaying blog posts and relevant articles concerning your interests. 

Moreover, we also actively show services and products that might intrigue our audience. At the same time, we also ensure that no one else gets unauthorized access to the information we gather. Only our authorized staff members have access to the collected data so that they can make relevant adjustments to improve our website’s structure.   

About the Information We Gather 

Intending to provide the best reader experience to the users of Hub Blogging, we only collect the data that can be of our website’s use in any way. However, this collected data may either be collected by third-party softwares or provided by a user directly.  

We believe that our users must be aware of the data that we collect from them. So, you should note that the basic information we collect includes, but is not limited to, phone number, email address, name, contact details, GPS location, information about internet service providers, computer IP addresses, and details about operating systems.  

Nature of the Collected Data 

The data collected as mentioned above depends on the patterns through which you operate on our website. This may involve the number of pages viewed by a user, clicked advertisements or banners, and products reviewed.  

The data we collect may be used for numerous purposes, which can benefit you in many indirect ways. For instance, the collected information may be utilized to improve the website’s structure or redesign it so that you may witness an upgraded user experience. 

However, the emails we collect are meant to enlighten you with the trending topics and updated blog posts and articles on our website. Moreover, we may also illuminate you with various offers and promotions through email. This strategy enhances the services and products and thus, maintains overall market activities.  

About Cookies Collected 

Hub Blogging utilizes the information gathered by a user’s web browser, also known as cookies, to improve and maintain the website’s functioning. Logfile data and clickstream is gathered to review the overall reader experience. Nevertheless, this method of data collection does not impact a reader’s anonymity.  

You should know that we ask for your consent before collecting cookies. Moreover, you may disable cookies from your browser’s settings or by using other third-party tools. However, utilizing such tools and ad blockers might compromise your browsing experience on our platform.  

About Third Parties 

It should be noted that Hub Blogging may collect advertisements or offerings from third-party platforms whose Privacy Policy might not be the same as ours. So, we do not possess any personal endorsement for any such services or products offered in such a case.  

With your consent to our Privacy Policy, we hold the right to share your provided information with third-party platforms. However, we are not responsible for any unethical practice or misuse from that third party’s side.   

Contact Us 

We sincerely request our readers to go through the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy thoroughly. If you have any relevant queries unanswered, we are here to assist you at  

Last Updated: 19th May 2024

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